Friday, January 15, 2010

Everything You Need For Your Ebook Business.

Everything You Need For Your Ebook Business.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to start a ebook business

First lets recognize the reasons why people venture into the ebook business.There are a plethora of reasons why the beginner and Internet gurus alike start there own digital information business online.The biggest reason is that you can start a online business absolutely FREE if you have the right information and nohow to do so. I'm writing this post to give you the correct information and nohow for your future success and to save you a lot of time and money in the process.


1) You can start your business Free.
2) You can start making profits without your own website.
3) There is no product taking up space or to stock.
4) There are unlimited supply of these digital products to sell.
5) You can make huge profits from a product that is not even yours.
6) The product sells for a big chunk of money
7) You can automate the sales of your product.(bank account grows in your sleep)
8) There are unlimited ways to sell and do so for no out of pocket money.
9) You can sell the same product over and over.


This is the part where people get mixed up with because people spend a lot of money trying to set up website and hosting so on and so on. I found this FREE EBOOK BUSINESS is the best place to get started. They will teach you everything you will need to no to start your online digital information business. There is a huge library full of plr ebooks and software with master resale rights and also website templates and graphics that sell for huge profits. they give you sale letters to sell on ebay or on your blog and they show you step by step how to do it. It truly is the best place to go to start your own FREE EBOOK BUSINESS.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ebooks Rights And Terms Of Use Definitions

When you purchase a ebook for either personal use or for the purpose to profit from the ebook, they all come with different types of rights and terms of use. Knowing the meanings of these rights or terms and where to find them can make and save you a lot of money and time. If you are purchasing these ebooks and or software or templates for the purpose of making sometimes a very big profit, than this information is priceless for you.

These are the definitions of the rights and or terms of use that you may see in the products that you buy. You will find what these rights mean to you as the buyer of the product and what you can do with them.



For personel use You may read it and use it for your own use only. You can not even give it to a friend.


When a product comes with Give Away Rights, that means you get a copy of the product and that you can also give it away to anyone for FREE.


You either pay the owner of the product to create a customized version of the product for you or the product comes with a brander program. Rebranding can include changing affiliate links, co-branding or other types of customization.By rebranding and installing your own affiliates links it can result in huge traffic and profits.

Resell Rights (RR).

Resell Rights, means that you are allowed to sell the product to others. This also means that you get to keep 100% the profits from the sales of the product. Many come with pre-written sales pages, images and sometimes even delivery pages.

You can not pass your resell license on to others (only Master Resale Rights can do that...see below). This means anyone who buys the product from you can not sell it to others without buying the resell rights from the original owner.

Sometimes products will come with additional limitations such as a minimum price you can sell the product for, bundling restrictions adding the product to membership sites (paid or free) and selling on auctions sites.
If it says [No] to selling on auctions sites, DON'T DO IT! You could lose your Ebay account and many aggressive reseller do monitor Ebay so don't take the chance.

Master Resell Rights (MRR).

When the product comes with master resell rights you have a lot of avenues to profit with such as you can resell it individually, bundle it or include it in your own membership site. You can also pass the rights on to your customers for them to be able to do the same things you did with the product. Master resell rights vary a little depending on the products original creator but again, you do want to pay close attention to whether or not the product you have can be sold on auction sites. If in doubt, don't do it.

Non Transferable Master Resell Rights

This term is basically the same ass having master resell rights except for the fact that you cannot sell the master resell rights to anyone else including buyers or members of a membership site. You can only sell the basic resell rights and the product itself.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Private label products include the source files which are often in word or text format for information products and programmer files with software. This means you can use it to create a new product from the source files and put your own name on it as if you created it yourself. You can also edit the content, add to the content , remove certain parts of the content, create new images of your own, redo the sales page and repackage the entire product. You could even use the content to create a online e-course, or break it up into mini reports and you can also add pages, insert advertisement and your own affiliate links.

Non Transferable Private Label Rights.

Again these have the same rights as the private label rights ( PLR ) with the exception of you cannot sell the private label rights, only the product itself or use the content of the product to create new products. Most PLR are non-transferable unless it states "unrestricted."

Unknown or Not Specified

If the rights or terms do not come with the product or if you are unshore then you are best to leave it alone. There are big repercussions to using someone else’s product in a improper manner.

So now that you know what your rights and terms are go and get your products and start selling. I use this site andmake huge profits with no money of my own on the table. Not even a penny to get up and running.

Free Resale Rights Private Label Rights Ebooks, Software and More!

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